Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rethunk Junk a chalk paint?

No. Rethunk Junk (RTJ) is a resin paint. There's no chalk, powder, or mineral in our paint.  RTJ is self-sealing so there's no waxing required. I've been painting furniture for almost 10 years and have tried all types of furniture paint. We carry the RTJ line because I get the best results with it and find it the easiest to use. 

Do I have to sand or prime before painting?

This is our favorite part - no sanding or priming required!  RTJ sticks to every surface we have used it on including wood, laminate, glass, and plastic, without sanding or priming. Just make sure you thoroughly clean your piece with Prep Spray. Prep is an RTJ cleaning product that removes dirt, grease, and buildup from your piece. It prepares the surface to be painted and helps the paint adhere to the surface. Don’t skip the Prep!

If your piece has any nicks or scratches that you want smooth, then those will need to be sanded before painting, but only for smoothing purposes – not because the paint requires it.

Do I have to use Prep spray? Can I use another cleaner I already have?

We definitely don’t recommend painting without using Prep first. If your piece has a lot of dirt – because you just pulled it out of barn maybe! – it’s a good idea to wash it off with soap and water. Then do a final cleaning with Prep before painting. If your piece has a lot of grease or build up, we recommend using a Scrubby Pad with Prep to remove it. Then spray with Prep again and wipe with a lint-free cloth. That's it! Now you're ready to paint!

How much paint will I need?

That's a great question and the answer will vary depending on your painting style and the piece you're painting. Get all the details here.

How many coats does it take?

This depends on what color you are starting with and what color you are painting, as well as if the piece you are painting is natural wood or treated wood. Using one of our whites over a darker piece will require more coats. And the reverse is true – using a darker color over a light piece will as well. Most pieces will need 2-3 coats for full coverage. If you’re painting a piece with one of our whites – Cloud, Snowy Day, or Cotton – full coverage may require 3+ coats.

Do I need to apply a top coat?

We recommend applying Tuff Top on any piece that will get a lot of use, such as tabletops, chairs, dressers, and cabinets. Tuff Top is available in 3 different sheens.

  1. Semigloss brings the shine to any project.
  2. Satin is the same sheen as our paint.
  3. Low Lustre offers an eggshell finish.

You’ll need one 8 ounce container of Tuff Top per pint of paint.

What paint brushes should I use?

For a smoother finish, use a high quality brush. We stock Paint Pixie Oval Brushes and Pennelli Guiliani flat brushes in several sizes. Whatever brush you use can be easily cleaned with soap and water because all RTJ products are water based.

However, our Suds Brush Soap will make your brush clean up easier and keep the bristles soft, extending the life of your brushes.

Want to learn more about brushes? Click here to get our free video where we share which brushes we use on most of our projects.

How long does it take for the paint to dry?

Typically, your piece will be dry to the touch within about 30-45 minutes, but dry time may be extended during more humid weather. Your piece will be dry and can be used with care within a few hours of painting. We recommend careful, light use for 30 days. Thirty days is standard cure time for most paint, including wall paint. This doesn’t mean you can’t use your piece – just handle with care. 

Do you carry all of the Rethunk Junk colors & products?

Yes! We carry all 45 furniture & cabinet paint colors, as well as all the Stain Top colors, Washes, Metallics, and more. We offer free sample sticks of all the colors so you can take them home before deciding what color you want. We also have painted sample pieces of many of the colors in the store to help you decide. 

Is the paint safe and eco-friendly?

Absolutely! All our RTJ products are low VOC, low odor, and safe enough to be used on baby furniture. All the products are water based and easily clean up with soap and water.

Can you teach me how to paint my furniture?

Yes! We’d love to!  We offer in person Furniture Painting 101 workshops. You can see our workshop calendar and sign up on The Cotton Shed Vintage Market's website. We also have a YouTube channel where we share tips and tutorials. Find it here.

I don't want to DIY! Will you paint my piece for me?

Absolutely! Pricing varies based on the size of the piece and the finish you want. Please send us a message with a description of your piece(s) to get started.

Once I'm done with my project, how do I care for my painted piece?

Most traditional cleaners contain alcohol and other chemicals that will dull and dry your painted finish. We recommend using RTJ Everyday All-Purpose Cleaner on all painted furniture. Just spray some on a clean, soft cloth and wipe the dust off your piece. It won’t damage your beautiful painted finish plus it can be used on all sorts of surfaces including stone, laminate, plastic, glass, stainless steel, ceramic, and more. Our Everyday All-Purpose Cleaner removes stains and disinfects while protecting the finish on painted & stained surfaces. For even brighter & longer-lasting results, use in combination with our new Weekly Multi-Surface Protectant.

Click here to get our free video on our favorite brushes and to get more furniture painting tips.

Rethunk Junk Resin Paint

Rethunk Junk by Laura furniture & cabinet paint offers a durable finish...