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Rethunk Junk

Rethunk Junk Tuff Top

Rethunk Junk Tuff Top

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Tuff Top is a water-based poly sealer that is perfect for adding a bit of extra protection when your project needs to be a little extra tough! It can be used on any painted surface but is primarily recommended for high traffic areas in the kitchen - like cabinets and table tops.

Tuff Top is now available in 3 different sheen options.

  • Semigloss offers a bit of extra shine and can be layered for even more gloss.
  • Satin offers a bit of reflectivity, being just a bit shinier than our paint finish.
  • Low Lustre (formerly Flat Top) is an eggshell finish, slightly less shiny than the paint's sheen. If you like a more matte finish, Low Lustre is recommended. When used over dark finishes, Low Lustre may have a slightly cloudy finish. We recommend adding a bit of your paint color to the Low Lustre to tint it before applying to prevent the cloudy finish.
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