Paint Pixie Oval Furniture Painting Brush


We love painting with our Paint Pixie oval brushes! The dense, high quality bristles hold more paint and give you a super smooth finish. And the wood handle and metal ferrule are comfortable, light weight, and easy to hold.

The Believe #12 brush measures 1 3/4" across making it a great choice for quickly covering large areas.

The Dream #8 brush measures 1 3/8" across.  It's a perfect all purpose brush and can be used on projects of all sizes.  This is our "go-to" brush for most of our pieces.

The Purpose #6 brush measures 1 1/4" across, making it the perfect brush for your smaller pieces and details. 

The Joy #4 brush measures 1" across, making it the perfect brush for smaller areas and details.

Made in Italy by a brush maker with more than 40 years experience.

Clean with our Paint Pixie Suds Soap and your brush will last for years.