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Rethunk Junk

Rethunk Junk Prep Cleaner

Rethunk Junk Prep Cleaner

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Prep is the cornerstone of our process because every project starts with Prep. For maximum durability and the best adhesion, use Prep to thoroughly clean your piece prior to applying paint or Stain Top. For best results, clean the first pass using Prep and a scrubby pad. Allow to dry and then clean a second time with Prep and a lint-free cloth. If your cloth is still particularly dirty, try cleaning one more time. Allow to dry thoroughly and then you're good to go.

In addition to being the most effective furniture and cabinet cleaner on the market, Prep is THE BEST stain getter outter – laundry pretreater – carpet spot fixer – spill eraser – grease cutter – goo getter – fabulous cleaning product ever.

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