Nothing helps your home stand out like a fresh & lovely front door!

Outdoor projects are simple with Rethunk Junk by Laura products. Choose from 45 colors for the perfect shade to say, "Welcome Home!" Whether you're looking for a fun accent color like Ruby Red, or you prefer a more classic traditional look like Midnight, you'll find the color that's perfect for your front door!

  • Step 1 - Prep

    With Rethunk Junk by Laura products you can skip the messy sanding and priming and go straight to the PREP. Spray your surface well with Prep, then use a scrubby pad to get in there and clean it well. Focus extra attention of surfaces that get touched frequently. Once you've scrubbed it well, spray it again with Prep and wipe clean with a lint free cloth. That's all there is to it! Prep is done...time to move on to painting.

  • Step 2 - Paint

    Choose one of the beautiful options from Rethunk Junk's 45 self-leveling, quick-drying paint colors. Their resin-infused acrylic paint formula is so easy to apply. All you need is your favorite soft-bristle brush - we love this Paint Pixie brush. Apply the first coat and allow it to dry (usually about 30 minutes). Apply additional coats to reach desired coverage. For best results, smooth your paint from edge to edge with a light touch - don't over work the paint!

  • FAQs about Painting Doors

    Do I have to take my door down to paint it? No, just paint it in place. We love using the Miracle Brush for trimming.

    What does the temperature need to be? For best results, paint exterior doors on days with temperatures above 55 degrees and below 85 degrees. Rethunk Junk by Laura paint is self-leveling, but a continuous-mist spray water bottle helps encourage the leveling - especially on breezy or hot days when the paint may dry quickly.