How much paint will I need for my project?

Great question! It can be a little bit tricky to determine exactly how much paint you should buy because there are a few factors to consider such as: the current color of the project, the paint color you choose, and how thickly you apply the paint. Here are some general tips for deciding how much paint to purchase...

  • Dresser

    An average 5-drawer dresser can be painted with one pint of paint. This would allow for 2 coats plus touch-ups as needed and you'd likely have some paint left over.

  • Kitchen Cabinets

    Measure the linear feet of cabinetry you have to paint, then divide that number by 10. Your answer will represent the approximate number of quarts needed for your kitchen.

  • Front Door

    You can expect to be able to complete your front door update with one pint of paint. This will easily allow 2 coats plus touch ups on most front doors.