Puppy Cake Hoggin Dogs Ice Cream for Dogs


Decadently delicious all while keeping it simple & healthy! Just add water & freeze for this dog safe ice cream mix! Healthy and safe for your dog to enjoy while you enjoy your own ice cream! Proudly made in our company owned facility in small town Portersville, PA.

The Hoggin’ Dog Ice Creams are not only mouth watering they are also a healthy treat alternative. Each flavor is lactose free and has no sugar added so you can feel good about serving it to your dog!

Make sure to try all four flavors; bacon, banana, cheese, and peanut!

Bacon: whole milk (lactose free), gelatin, salt and natural bacon flavor

Banana: whole milk (lactose free), gelatin, salt and natural banana flavor

Cheese: whole milk (lactose free), cheddar cheese (milk, salt, cultures & enzymes), gelatin and salt

Peanut: whole milk (lactose free), peanuts, gelatin and salt