Kissing Koolers Tinted Lip Balm


Kissing Kooler tinted flavored lip balm have a splash of color and shine.

Protect your lips with this deliciously flavored lip balm made in the USA. Dry hot climates, cold winter air, wind, sun, and licking your lips can lead to the depletion of moisture in your lips causing them to dry out, chap and crack. Our Lip Balm Kissing Stick is 97% all natural; made with only the finest ingredients (several of which are certified organic) - coconut oil, bees wax, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, and tocopherol (vitamin e).

Kissing Koolers have a hint of color but appears clear on the lips.

Tested on boys, not on animals! 

Made in the USA

 .15 fl oz /4.25 g/ml