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Gifts That Bloom

Gifts That Bloom Shaker Cans

Gifts That Bloom Shaker Cans

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Transform your garden or pot into a blooming paradise with a single shake! Our Gifts That Bloom Shaker Cans contain a curated mix of wildflower seeds and vermiculite, making it effortless to add a burst of color and beauty to any space. Just sprinkle the contents, add water and sunlight, and watch as a 100 square foot area comes to life! These cans, measuring 4.25" tall and 2.5" in diameter, are the perfect gift for any plant lover or gardening enthusiast. Don't miss the chance to bring nature's finest into your world!

Arkansas Garden - Includes Wildflowers native to Arkansas and vermiculite.

Butterfly Garden - Grow Wildflowers as vibrant as the butterflies they attract. Includes a variety of wildflower seeds and vermiculite.

Texas Bluebonnet Garden - Includes Bluebonnet seeds and vermiculite.

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