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Fikkerts Fruits of Nature Bath Products - Lavender Scent

Fikkerts Fruits of Nature Bath Products - Lavender Scent

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Capturing the fragrance of an English country garden for over one hundred years, Fikkerts Limited has come a long way since it was established in 1903 by Mr. Everard Carter. Made in Yorkshire, England Fikkerts products use sustainable palm oil, are paraben and SLS free and naturally derived, and are not tested on animals! 

Wonderful products in beautiful packaging make a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Scent Notes: Clean, fresh, herbs and sweet scented florals burst through the unmistakably divine fragrance of lavender fields.

Bath Essence Oil:
Pour a small amount of this beautifully fragranced oil into a warm bath. On contact with water the oil disperses to create a slightly milky, highly moisturizing elixir and a truly luxurious bathing experience.

Bath Salts:
This is the perfect blend of salts that will enrich the water with precious natural minerals. Delicately infused with fragrance these salts will soothe and moisturize the skin. Add a small scoop of salts to a warm bath and enjoy a relaxing fragrant soak.

Hand Cream:
Give your whole body the hydration it needs, with a thorough moisturize from head to toe. Our moisturizing creams include Vitamin E which creates a natural barrier to keep moisture in your skin.

Size: Bath Salts 5.2 oz; Bath Essence Oil 6.7 oz, Hand Cream 2.5 oz

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