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Decoupage Fiber- Serenade of Shaggy

Decoupage Fiber- Serenade of Shaggy

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Featuring the captivating "Serenade of Shaggy", Prima's® A1 Decoupage Fiber Paper showcases the magnificent beauty of a Highland cow in a mesmerizing monochrome color palette. With its rugged and distinctive shaggy coat, this close-up portrait exudes quiet grandeur and a strong presence. Our A1 Decoupage Paper is incredibly easy to handle - simply measure and cut, apply Decoupage Gel, then use the Scraper Tool or Brayer to achieve a smooth finish. Perfect for decorating walls, furniture, and other décor items, our Décor Tissue Paper is a must-have for any passionate believer in the power of unique and exquisite design.

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