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Redesign with Prima

Decoupage Fiber- Majestic Moo

Decoupage Fiber- Majestic Moo

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The "Majestic Moo" Redesign by Prima® introduces an exquisite brown Highland cow with impressive horns against a crisp white background, capturing the essence of rustic charm and natural elegance. Every detail of the cow's rugged exterior is meticulously depicted, from the coarse texture of its shaggy coat to the intricate patterns on its horns. The warm brown tones beautifully contrast with the clean, minimalist white backdrop, creating a sense of balance and harmony. Our A1 Decoupage Paper is incredibly easy to use, making it perfect for walls, furniture, and other décor items. Simply measure and cut the desired amount of paper, add Decoupage Gel, and smooth it with the Scraper Tool or Brayer. Experience the beauty and simplicity of our Décor Tissue Paper.

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