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Redesign with Prima

3D Decor Stencils® - Lavender Bliss

3D Decor Stencils® - Lavender Bliss

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We're excited to offer NEW 3D Décor Stencils by Redesign with Prima® in a handy 9″x12″ size!

The “Lavender Bliss” 3D Stencil is simply beautiful, especially if you’re fond of lavender-themed projects. This stencil will be a perfect addition to your floral-inspired creations, creating intricate lavender design on various surfaces. Consider pairing the Lavender Bliss 3D Stencil with other lavender products to create a cohesive and harmonious theme. Let your imagination bloom as you explore the wonderful world of lavender with this stencil! 

Pair with any of our high-quality mediums for beautifully textured results. Spread paste over stencil with our new Scraper Tool for less mess and professional results.

Dimensions: 12X9X0.5in

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