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Greenleaf Auto Vent Fragrance Clip

Greenleaf Auto Vent Fragrance Clip

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Want to bring your favorite fragrance along for the ride? We completely understand! Take your favorite Greenleaf fragrance with you and make everywhere you go smell a little more like home! Keeps your car smelling great for about 30 days.

Cashmere Kiss is bound by passion and romance. Stirring citrus accords tenderly fold into fields of jasmine and rose.
Citron Sol is clean, radiant, and unbelievably fresh. It makes you feel like you're strolling through a citrus grove on a bright, sunny day.
Classic Linen is a crisp, clean scent that's reminiscent of that satisfying moment when you sink into a bed made with freshly laundered sheets.
Haven is as revitalizing as a breath of salty beach air. It awakens and rejuvenates with fresh notes of seashore breeze and floral qualities of lavender and jasmine.
Orange & Honey is revitalizing through and through, landing the senses amidst a picturesque orange grove where clusters of nature's candy gleam in ripened glory.
Seaspray is like a blissful kiss from the sea. It bottles salty air thrills and evokes memories of beach trips with family and friends.

How To Use:
1. Remove your new Auto Vent Clip from its packaging and raise the clip that's attached to the back
2. Turn the dial at the top of the Auto Vent Clip to the open position
3. Connect your Auto Vent Clip to the desired air vent in your vehicle by sliding the clip onto one of the slats
4. Adjust the intensity of your fragrance using the same dial at the top
5. Enjoy your favorite fragrance on the go

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