Vaccination Card Carrier

$1.99 $4.99

A resealable zipper pouch for your Covid vaccination card.

  • Keep your vaccination record clean, safe & handy for travel. Some newly-vaccinated peeps opt to laminate cards. While lamination protects, it doesn’t allow for potential booster additions & can peel up over time. Some newly-vaccinated throw their card in their bag naked, with reckless abandon, just asking for coffee catastrophes & melted chocolate bar mishaps. We see you out there.
  • Enter the Card Carrier. For those who value organization & protection. You didn’t withstand those vaccine side effects for nothing, amiright? This cute little pouch is a must-have for purse, bag, or luggage!
  • Material: EVA.
  • Note: The standard size of vaccine cards is 4" x 3", and this product was designed to accommodate this size. Some vaccine cards have been reproduced in oversized versions, however. Please measure your card to be sure it's 4" x 3" to be assured it will fit inside the Card Carrier.