DANI Naturals Reed Diffuser

$17.99 $27.99

Our beautifully scented Reed Diffusers offer a flame-free way to slowly disperse the fabulous DANI scents throughout your space. 

They are:

  • VOC compliant
  • DPG free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • 3 oz 

Bamboo Bergamot releases a fresh blend of cucumber, bergamot, and melon with a leafy bamboo top note. Bring a serene, spa-like calm into every room of your home.

Coconut Hibiscus is an intoxicating blend of mandarin, hibiscus blossom, and apricot, mixed into a pure coconut base. A tropical vacation for the senses

Grapefruit Ginger is created with grapefruit and orange oils, and infused with ginger, magnolia and eucalyptus. Refresh your senses with our stimulating citrus blend!

Lemongrass Lavender is a wonderful balance between the calming power of lavender and the uplifting essence of lemongrass!

Passion Fruit is one of our most popular fragrances - deliciously juicy, without being overly sweet. Fill any room with a soft, fruity aroma, sure to delight!